for the 7th International BRCA Forum 22 JULY 2023 which will be one of the foremost International Scientific Hybrid Forum on Hereditary Cancer


Shaheenah Dawood

Shaheenah Dawood

Shona Nag

Shona Nag

Joanne Ngeow

Joanne Ngeow

Zhang Zewen


  • Pathogenesis of BRCA pathway
  • Clinical applications of PARP inhibitors across solid tumor types
  • Molecular tumor boards using molecular profiling of solid tumors
  • Defining importance of profiling tumors for personalized approaches to therapeutic management
  • Handling toxicities of targeted therapy including PARPi and beyond
  • Genetic counseling of patients with germline mutations
  • Deep dive into interpreting molecular profiling reports
  • A global look at BRCA mutations


  • Oncologist
  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • General Practitioner
  • Resident
  • Consultant
  • Obs-Gyne
  • Pharmacist


Happy Lunar New Year! May the new year bring you and your loved ones good health and abundance!

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بدعم سيدي الشيخ محمد بن زايد..أسهمت الإمارات عبر وزارة اللامستحيل بتصميم مستشفى رعاية الأطفال "بامبينو جيسو" في مصر الشقيقة ووضع حجر الأساس ليقدم خدماته إلى الأطفال في مختلف دول المنطقة..بالتعاون مع مؤسسة"ديهاد للأعمال الإنسانية" وشركتي" إندكس " الوطنية و" CHSS "الماليزية

Dr. @LeeSooChin at the 2nd Young Women's Forum, discussing on the Cases using Genomic Assays in Decision Making.

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This is it! Only a few hours left till we officially commence the 6th International BRCA Forum!

Pleased to welcome a great lineup of stellar, global Speakers who'll be joining us tomorrow from 0840hrs SGT, live from the Grand Hyatt, Singapore

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DISCLAIMER: The 5th International BRCA Forum (iBRCAf) 2021 is virtual educational event for Asia Pacific Healthcare professionals. Mention of commercial products, processes, or services throughout the event cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation for viewers inside or outside the Asia Pacific Region. Information contained in this event is intended for educational purposes only, you are solely responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws of your specific jurisdiction.